Help Us Set Up a Field Hospital in Gaza

Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in the lives of those suffering in Gaza. Please join us in this life-saving mission.

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Support Gaza with Essential Aid

Provide urgent essential aid including food packs, hygiene packs, flour and water in Gaza, Palestine!

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Gaza Essential Aid

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Gaza Water Tankers
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Pakistan - Regular Feeding
Pakistan - Sewing Machine Project for Widows
Pakistan - Hand Pumps
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Afghanistan - Vocational Skills for Men and Women
Bangladesh - Coding for Rohingya Girls
Gaza - Essential Aid
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Yemen Water Well
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Pakistan Atta Project
Breast in best for those in poverty and hardship
Turn your sadaqah jariyah dream into a reality

Turn your sadaqah jariyah dream into a reality

Build a masjid, fund water well/hand pumps, build houses/fund renovations and leave a lasting legacy today!

SWAN around the world

SWAN began as a small charity working in London and grew to start projects across the globe with consistent projects in numerous countries and also delivering emergency aid to countries suffering from natural disasters and war.


Countries we work in


We have a few ongoing projects in Pakistan in collaboration with GHRF that we fund weekly and monthly. We are always looking for new ways to help and different areas we can work in.

Our current projects:


In Kabul, Afghanistan we have a daily bread project where we ensure hundreds receive bread to eat every day.

Our current projects:


In Gaza, Palestine we deliver monthly food packs to families struggling for basic necessities dependent on the situation.

Our current projects:


We support Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh by providing them with an education in coding. This has been featured in the World Economics Forum.

Our current projects:


In Ramadhan 2024 we have provided 100 Iftar meals in Masjid Al Fattah in Nigeria.

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In 2024 we have distributed fitrana in war-torn Syris, reaching 500 families struggling to make ends meet.

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Ivory Coast

In 2024, we provided Iftar meals totaling 5,600 meals which fed 220 orphans in Ramadhan.

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During the closing days of Ramadhan 2024, we distributed 100 food packs, reaching 20 families in need.

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Visit our soup kitchens and foodbanks

Our soup kitchens are open to all to provide warm meals to those who need it. Our doors are open. Our foodbanks provide food parcels for families and anyone who needs our help. Our regular food bank supports 9480 beneficiaries suffering from food poverty.

Thornton Heath Soup Kitchen

Thornton Heath

Monday 6:30 PM

Gilet Mosque, Gillette Road, CR7 8SN

Croydon Soup Kitchen


Wednesday 7:30 PM

Croydon Mosque, 525 London Road, CR7 6AR

Clapham Soup Kitchen


Fortnightly on Saturday at 4:45 PM

79-81 Clapham Common, SW4 9DQ (outside Dudley Hotel)

Community Care Clinic

Book a slot and come along to our drop in support group by:

Thursday 10:00 - 13:00

The Living Space, 19 Thrale Road, SW16 1NS

The Community Care Clinic operates to help those facing problems such as welfare and benefit advice, debt advice, housing advice, support with claiming benefits and form filling. SWAN are working on bridging the gap between those that need the help and the help available to them. This clinic grants a safe space to those looking for advice or clarification on how they can improve their situation.

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Emergency Housing Centres

SWAN helps thousands
of people in the UK and abroad with essentials.

Thanks to the dedication of SWAN’s volunteers and the generosity of our donors, we can provide essential assistance to thousands of individuals in both the UK abroad.

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We work with some of the most vulnerable people in the UK and abroad by providing essentials.

Founded by Saiqa Ali BEM in 2012 and has been helping the community since then.

SWAN has three weekly soup kitchens and one food bank in South London.

Shining a light:
case studies of real people we help.

Pakistan Sewing Project with GHRF

Our charity, committed to the cause of women's empowerment, is dedicated to providing sewing machines to women in Pakistan. Here's why your support is crucial:Breaking Barriers: In many parts of Pakistan, cultural norms and societal constraints limit women

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Case Study: Amina's Escape - A Refugee Fleeing Domestic Violence and Seeking Safety

 Amina, a 33-year-old Kuwaiti from the Bedouin tribe, shares her harrowing journey filled with fear, uncertainty,and a fierce desire to protect her four children. As Bedoon, they were denied rights and opportunities in Kuwait until they left in 2017.

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Surviving the Morocco Earthquake: A Tale of Loss and Resilience

As a child, my world was defined by the comforting walls of our home and the warmth of my family's embrace. Little did I know that one fateful day, everything would change in the blink of an eye.It was a sunny morning in Morocco, a country known for its vi

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Frequently asked questions

  • Southern Women’s Aid Network (SWAN) is a UK registered charity (1188649).

  • SWAN was founded in 2012 by Saiqa Ali BEM and worked on a local level beginning with a food bank in South London Islamic Centre. As SWAN’s operations expanded, we registered as a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) on 19 March 2020.

  • SWAN helps those struggling with poverty. Our mission is to feed hope and nurture lives by providing the basic essentials to those that need it in the UK and abroad. This can be seen from our three weekly soup kitchens and food bank in the UK as well as our other projects for refugee children, their families as well as helping with advice in our Community Care Clinic. 

    Our work is not limited to the UK, we also have weekly projects in numerous countries such as Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and more (dependant on situation at the time).

  • SWAN is a small organization that works on a large scale. We have only been able to expand and provide such critical aid in the UK and abroad due to our supporters. You can support SWAN by donating, volunteering your time and sharing our work.

  • SWAN prides itself on our transparency, and we submit our accounts that are available on the Charity Commission website and we also have our latest reports here >> LINK TO REPORTS PAGE <<

    As well as this, we regularly update our social media with the media our team on the ground submit so make sure you follow us on all channels to support our work and keep up to date with our latest projects.

  • You can volunteer your time to assist SWAN by completing the online form and attending our weekly projects in South London. Our team would love to hear from you. Click here to register to volunteer.

  • SWAN has a 100% Zakat policy ensuring all funds donated for Zakat are given to Zakat cases. If you choose to donate your Sadaqah to specific projects, 100% of this donation will go directly to the project.

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