Our Partners, Supporters and Collaborators

SWAN is able to reach so many across the globe by partnering with different charity organizations that support us on the ground or with funds so we can facilitate our relief efforts.

Thornton Health Islamic Centre Logo

Thornton Heath Islamic Centre

Thornton Heath Islamic Centre is a masjid in the UK serving the community.

Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre Logo

Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre

Croydon Islamic Centre is a masjid in the UK serving the community.

South London Islamic Centre Logo

South London Islamic Centre

South London Islamic Centre is a masjid serving the Muslim community in Streatham for almost 50 years.

Tooting Community Kitchen Logo

Tooting Community Kitchen

Tooting Community Kitchen aims to eliminate poverty in Tooting and South West London by serving the homeless and the people who need their help as a community.

Mindworks UK Logo

Mindworks UK

MindworksUK is a charity organization founded in 2014 by Sahar Beg. They are a service provider in South London and other parts of London.

FaceShare Logo


FareShare is the UK’s longest-running food redistribution charity, their main goal is to fight hunger and tackle food waste. They provide food to thousands of people who can’t afford to buy food on their own.

Team Humanity Logo

Team Humanity

Team Humanity is a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation which was founded in Lesvos. It was launched in 2015 with the purpose to provide aid to refugees. They are determined to provide humanitarian and educational outreach to vulnerable communities in the US and internationally.

Global Humanitarian Relief Foundation Logo

Global Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Their charities work across different continents such as Africa, Europe, Asia offering aid to all helpless people who differ from their nationality, race or skin colour. Their objective is to fight poverty, giving orphans education, feeding hungry people and serving globally.

Critical NHS Logo

Critical NHS

Critical NHS formed in response to a request to help support NHS staff within the Critical Care Units who were working extremely long hours with limited access to food and provisions as supermarkets were bare and hospital canteens and food outlets were closed. Critical NHS fund flapjacks for our soup kitchen every week and provide other food donations.

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