Community Support Through SWAN500

At SWAN, our commitment to community support extends beyond traditional boundaries. Through our impactful SWAN500 project, we've made a significant difference in the lives of numerous families, addressing various needs and challenges.

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What do we do?

Through our SWAN500 project we have supported multiple families in a number of ways; from fixing a ceiling, replacing carpet, buying cookers and fridges, paying off debt and helping the homeless off the streets. The support we have been able to provide has been priceless.

What is it?

The SWAN500 project is where 500 people donate £1 each week so that SWAN can use these funds for emergency relief in the UK or abroad. With these funds we can help families on a case by case basis with £500 to go to bills, debt or where most needed. This allows us to cater to those who fall between the cracks of charity missions and to not miss anyone in need of support.

How we've helped

This year through this programme we have supported 39 families unique cases through charity donations for SWAN 5O0 and 17 families that were zakat worthy with zakat money. Totalling 56 families helped through our SWAN 500 scheme. That’s more than one family a week in a year, thanks to our supporters.

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Social activities - weekly playgroup

Not only do we host soup kitchens and food banks to ensure people are granted the basic necessity of food we also try to care as much as possible for the mental health and well-being of those in the community through the Monthly Tea and Talk Sessions for the community as well as designated monthly Art Classes for Refugee Children.

Asylum Seekers/Refugee Aid

At SWAN we are committed to supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Why? Because everyone has a right to be treated with dignity. Everyone has a right to be safe from persecution and everyone has the right to make a better life. The stories we hear are heartbreaking and frustrating. We wish we could do more. But for now, we do what we can, whenever and wherever we can to help. It’s our duty as human beings to show compassion and empathy without labeling who is worthy of help. We all bleed the same and we all have human rights.

SWAN plays a crucial role in offering assistance, including food, shelter and empowerment projects with the aim to fill the gap and help beneficiaries rebuild their lives and achieve independence eventually.

From 2020 to present SWAN has provided hundreds of Refugees/Asylum seekers with aid including clothes, shoes, coats, baby items, phones, hygiene products, supermarket vouchers and food.

The food provided in hostels/hotels is often of a very poor quality and families are desperately in need of nourishment. Our Soup Kitchens provide refugees/Asylum seekers with hot food, fruit and treats.