Our Founder

Management Lecturer at BPP University and the Chief Executive of the Southern Women's Aid Network (SWAN).


Saiqa is a versatile professional with a diverse background, blending personal and professional experiences. Her impactful journey includes significant contributions to various organizations and causes.

Having dedicated years to central government roles, managing case officer teams at the Department of Work and Pensions, Saiga transitioned to non-executive and trustee positions as a School Governor and Member of the Board of Trustees at GHRF, contributing to housing associations and refugee organizations.

Her executive roles at Charity Right and Mercy Mission UK, where she co-facilitates early career leadership programs, showcase her commitment to poverty relief. Saiqa served as a Programme Consultant for Kitrinos Healthcare, providing medical care to refugees trapped in the European Migrant Crisis.

At the helm of SWAN, Saiqa, as Chief Executive, steers the organization towards rapid growth and international prominence. Amid the pandemic, she played a pivotal role in establishing volunteer food pack networks, addressing the needs of struggling families. Her commitment extended to setting up soup kitchens and providing essential items to women and children facing domestic violence in refuges.
Image of Saiqa