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SWAN is a UK registered charity (1188649) that endeavors to provide our beneficiaries in the UK and abroad with the basic essentials that all living beings are entitled to and should have such as food, water and shelter through our different projects tailored to the needs in those areas.

About us

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Who are we?

Southern Women’s Aid Network (SWAN) is a UK registered charity (1188649) which was founded by Saiqa Ali BEM and is led and operated by women. SWAN began as an idea between four friends and was implemented, nurtured and grown to an internation level by Saiqa Ali BEM. SWAN has been operating since 2012 in London and has been a recognised provider of food support via the foodbank it runs for South London Islamic Centre for the past 12 years. Since its inception Saiqa Ali has worked to bring SWAN to all corners of the world. SWAN tries to help those in need wherever they are and does life changing, consistent work in every country it has aided.

Who are we?

About the SWAN

Our Board consists of Saiqa Ali (chair), Saman Jung, Nasreen Khawaja, Naheed Nizam, Amber Siddiqui and Smaira Wahid.


Dedicated Staff Members



Serving our community

Serving our Community

When the COVID19 restrictions brought uncertainty and an increase in food poverty in March 2020, SWAN provided hundreds of food packs to vulnerable families and served thousands of meals from our weekly soup kitchens and through homeless outreach initiatives in London. Furthermore, through our projects we have provided everything from baby milk to bicycles to refugees around London. We have also provided food and essential items to women and their children who have suffered domestic violence and are living in temporary accommodation.

How your money is spent

Transparency is important to you and to us. We do everything we can to reduce the costs of delivering our projects so that 100% of your donation will benefit communities directly. Our admin costs are covered by Gift Aid, at no additional cost to you.

Working around the world

Not only are we working to help those facing hardship in the UK, we have numerous consistent projects abroad to help those affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and poverty. We provide crucial food aid and shelter to displaced communities, refugees, and individuals facing adversity in different parts of the world. Our team collaborates with local organizations and relief agencies to assess needs, coordinate logistics, and deliver emergency aid swiftly and efficiently.

In disaster-stricken regions, we work tirelessly to ensure that people have access to clean water, nutritious food, and safe shelter. Our efforts focus not only on immediate relief but also on supporting sustainable development projects to help communities rebuild and become more resilient.

Our relief efforts abroad have provided essential aid to countless families in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Lebanon, Yemen, Greece, Azerbaijan and Palestine. Our Bread project in Lesvos, Greece has provided a minimum of 3000 flatbreads every week to refugees who often have nothing else to eat. We have also coordinated van loads of aid for Syrian refugees and have implemented the installation of 11 water pumps and provided microfinance business grants to families in Pakistan to encourage lasting change.

Ways to Donate to SWAN

Bank Transfer
Account Name: Southern Women's Aid Network (SWAN)
Sort Code: 80-22-60
Account Number: 19415368

PayPal: [email protected]

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Our Founder: Saiqa

Management Lecturer at BPP University and the Chief Executive of the Southern Women's Aid Network (SWAN).

Saiqa is a versatile professional with a diverse background, blending personal and professional experiences. Her impactful journey includes significant contributions to various organizations and causes.

Having dedicated years to central government roles, managing case officer teams at the Department of Work and Pensions, Saiga transitioned to non-executive and trustee positions as a School Governor and Member of the Board of Trustees at GHRF, contributing to housing associations and refugee organizations.

Her executive roles at Charity Right and Mercy Mission UK, where she co-facilitates early career leadership programs, showcase her commitment to poverty relief. Saiqa served as a Programme Consultant for Kitrinos Healthcare, providing medical care to refugees trapped in the European Migrant Crisis.

At the helm of SWAN, Saiqa, as Chief Executive, steers the organization towards rapid growth and international prominence. Amid the pandemic, she played a pivotal role in establishing volunteer food pack networks, addressing the needs of struggling families. Her commitment extended to setting up soup kitchens and providing essential items to women and children facing domestic violence in refuges.
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