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Afghanistan - Vocational Skills for Men and Women

Empower men and women to gain independence through education for £100 a student

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The Afghanistan Vocational Skills Centre has been established in Kabul province. The Centre provides theoretical and practical learning courses to both male and female students. Each course is designed so that lessons are 30% theoretical and 70% practical. From 2005 until 2022, the Centre saw the graduation of 8,515 students in total, including 6,865 male students and 1,650 female students. The Centre offers courses such as construction, mechanics, electrical engineering, sewing, cooking, plumbing, carpentry, computer science and English. The Centre is a valued institution and each year 750 students are able to obtain a professional qualification and skillset in their chosen department.

SWAN will help to provide 120 beneficiaries with educational courses and a professional qualification in their chosen profession. The project will have a positive impact on the local community and support efforts for peace & social stability. It is designed to bring about effective change in the community, in order to encourage beneficiaries to become self-sufficient and assist them in their employment.

120 students will receive continuous educational development and professional training and support to earn a qualification in their chosen course. During a period of nationwide economic difficulty, the support students receive at the Centre will encourage them to obtain employment and bolster the economic growth and development of the community. The Centre will be supported with funding on an annual basis, and students will have a wide selection of well-designed educational courses to choose from. This project will strengthen the fundamental pillars of society and most importantly will work to ameliorate positive change on the Afghan community.

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