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Umme Salman Safura Begum Girls Madrasha and Orphanage, in collaboration with SWAN and implementing partner DREAMERS ACADEMY, has been successfully conducting a Coding for Kids program aimed at empowering Rohingya female children with essential coding and programming skills. The program focuses on fostering digital literacy, expanding opportunities, and promoting empowerment in the digital age.

Learning coding empowers children by providing them with valuable skills to navigate the digital world. In today's increasingly technology-driven society, coding has become a crucial skill for many industries and professions. By equipping Rohingya kids with coding skills, they can gain confidence and a sense of empowerment as they develop the ability to create, innovate, and problem-solve using technology.

Learning the skill of coding and programming can be particularly important for Rohingya kids. Rohingya children may face challenges in accessing formal education due to displacement, conflict, or other difficult circumstances. Learning coding can provide them with a non-traditional educational opportunity that is accessible even in challenging situations. With coding skills, Rohingya kids can acquire valuable knowledge and skills that can potentially open up economic opportunities and empower them to overcome educational barriers.

Thus far our programme has successfully covered 82 classes across all seven batches. Each batch has completed a considerable portion of the syllabus, with Batch#5 completing the full 13 classes. The students have not only acquired essential coding skills but have also demonstrated their understanding through the completion of 13 coding projects per batch. The overall learning and implementation percentages reflect a commendable achievement, with an average learning percentage of 85% across all batches.

SWAN are sponsoring children to learn how to code at £120 per child to learn how to code for a year.

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