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SWAN Weekly Roundup

Last week has been extremely busy here at SWAN! We would like to thank all of you who have donated to help the community and were absolutely thrilled to be inundated with support for SWAN community hub. You all have far exceeded anything we were expecting in your generosity and community spirit that can only further help us to reach more people.

We have been running our Monday Soup kitchen and this week were were able to serve over 100 meals. We got a special request from one of our recipients who would love to have Falafel as he did in his home country so if anyone would like to donate some please do so. Each week we give a hot meal, fruit, water and sweet treats to our recipients. This week we were pleased to be able to share banana cake, vanilla sponge and sweetie packs.

We have had four new cases for SWAN500 and each of these cases has been given a grant to help with their individual situation to meet their needs.

We have been busy in Moria camp in Greece distributing bread as part of our bread appeal. Our bread distributions occur on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and we always seek to provide those in need with nutritious fresh bread. Sometimes the bread we serve will be the only food refugees in Moria camp get to eat so it is vital that we have your continued support for our bread appeal.

We were also pleased to distribute bread from our Yemen bread factory to those in need in the region of Taiz.

Please do watch this space for updates on our Streatham food bank reopening and a food aid response in Lebanon which we will be hoping to announce soon and thank you so much for all your continued support.

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