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We want to take this opportunity to wish you all for Eid Al Adha and hope that all our supporters had a blessed time.

SWAN has had a busy month in July from starting with our distribution of Qurbani meat which we couldn’t have done without your ongoing support. SWAN was honoured to have been have been given the responsibility of carrying out 43 Qurbanis in Greece and 26 Qurbanis in Yemen for the Eid Al Adha festival. All the Qurbanis were carried out successfully and distributed accordingly.

In addition to the Qurbani that we conducted in Greece, we were also pleased to be able to provide an Eid meal and sweet packs for thousands of children; together with our regular bread distribution on Eid day.

SWAN would like to thank all our supporters who was able to bring a smile to refugees in Greece and those in need in Yemen and give them a meal to mark the occasion and festivities of the festival.

We are still running our Monday soup kitchen and continue to support our South London community and those in need in the local community.

The team at SWAN has also been on the ground in Moria camp in Northern Greece through our bread appeal and have also distributed bread to those in the camp. Sometimes our bread is the only food refugees in the camp will get but we continue to ensure that we look

into catering to their needs and do our best to support.

We have been proud to work with Team Humanity to distribute bread through our bread appeal to thousands of refugees in Lesvos, Northern Greece. During the pandemic there has been many people that have needed extra support from food parcels to essential


We believe that it is vital that we continue with our bread appeal to give the refugees some

respite from hunger and do the best we can to support their needs.

We have seen a really positive response to our campaign for the bread appeal and want to

continue to meet our fundraising goals. Please do show your support by contributing

whatever you can to our Go Fund Me fundraising appeal:


Our bread factory in the regions of Sanaa and Taiz in Yemen are helping people in need in Yemen get essential food and staple bread. So far we have had 3 bread distributions and fed over 18,000 people and would like to give more. You can support our Bread for Yemen campaign and help support families in Yemen who are living in what is described by the UN as the 'world's worst humanitarian crisis'.

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