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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This week has been a busy one where the SWAN team has been out on the ground at the Moria camp in Northern Greece delivering bread to those in need.

We have been proud to work with Team Humanity and their Founder Salam Aldeen to distribute bread through our bread appeal to thousands of refugees in Lesvos, Northern Greece. During the pandemic there has been many people that have needed extra support from food parcels to essential aid and we will continue to do what's right in providing as much as we can to those in need.


With the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah fast approaching (approx 20th July 2020). We are offering you an opportunity to make the most of getting reward for acts of charity  in these blessed 10 days by supporting 10 SWAN projects.  

*100% donation policy.*  

Please donate:

For each project

£1000 = £100

£100 = £10

£50 = £5

£20 = £2

£10 = £1

*1st day* Food packs for families in Yemen

*2nd day* Food packs for families in Moria Camp Greece

*3rd day* Bread in Yemen

*4th day* Bread in Moria Camp

*5th day* Prayer Mats

*6th day* Families most in need in London

*7th day* Monday Soup Kitchen

*8th day* Refugee amily in need in Greece

*9th day* Foodbank/doorstep food parcels

*10th day* Hampers for Women's Refuges

PayPal -

Account name: Southern Women's Aid Network (SWAN)

Account number: 19415368

Sort Code:  80-22-60

*Ref: 10 for 10*

The cut off date for this project is 18th of July. Please don't miss this opportunity.

We have a 100% Donation policy. Every penny you donate is spent on delivering each project.

Any funds received after the above date will go towards SWAN feeding projects.

On Monday 20th July we also had our weekly Monday soup kitchen in South London which was extremely busy. We were pleased to have been able to distribute over 100 meals to those in need. We also were able to provide fruit, cakes, jellies and flapjacks; together with door step food parcels and clothes to our guests and to local women's refuges in Croydon. The service has been greatly appreciated by recipients and we will continue to do our best to support our local community. We were also grateful to those volunteers who helped with donations and collections this week!

We will keep up you updated on our developments in next week's edition of SWAN's Weekly Roundup!

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