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SWAN’s Weekly Roundup

SWAN has had a busy week from supporting the Yemen Bread Factory in Sanaa and Taiz to running our Monday soup kitchen and food bank since lockdown restrictions have eased slightly.

We started running our Monday soup kitchen and were also able to provide clothing for those in need which included some good quality men’s clothing this week. We helped to provide shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, trousers, shorts and coats in various sizes and aim to bring in women’s clothing next week! All items were free to pick up but had a policy of fairness ensuring that there was 5 items per person so that everyone can benefit.

We were also grateful to those volunteers who helped with donations and collections this week from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which included a range of lovely deserts. We also were able to provide recipients with towels, blankets and clothing!

We continue to support refugees in Moria camp in Northern Greece through our bread appeal and have also distributed prayer essentials to those in the camp. Sometimes our bread is the only food refugees in the camp will get but we continue to ensure that we look

into catering to their needs and do our best to support.

We have been proud to work with Team Humanity to distribute bread through our bread appeal to thousands of refugees in Lesvos, Northern Greece. During the pandemic there has been many people that have needed extra support from food parcels to essential


We have been doing our best to support those in the South London area and delivered hundreds of food parcels directly to the doorsteps of those in need. SWAN is grateful to each and every one of you who continue to support us by donating to our bread appeal

and our wonderful volunteers who have helped distribute food parcels during the pandemic. We are excited that mosques will soon be re-opening and as with the opening of the mosques we too will be reopening our Food Bank at the South London Islamic Centre in due course so do continue to follow our updates on social media!

We believe that it is vital that we continue with our bread appeal to give the refugees some

respite from hunger and do the best we can to support their needs.

We have seen a really positive response to our campaign for the bread appeal and want to

continue to meet our fundraising goals. Please do show your support by contributing

whatever you can to our Go Fund Me fundraising appeal:


We will keep up you updated on our developments in next week's edition of SWAN's Weekly Roundup!

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