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SWAN Launches Ramadan #200MealsADay Campaign

Southern Women’s Aid Network (SWAN) in partnership with Muslim Association of Croydon (MAC) and Tooting Community Kitchen (TKC) have launched the #200MealsADay campaign which commences on the 23d April 2020.

The initiative will provide up to 200 iftar meals and Suhoor packs to refugees, the elderly, disabled, NHS workers and poor families; every day during the month of Ramadan. Due to the unprecedented nature of Covid19, many communities are struggling and find it particularly difficult doing grocery shopping.

A recipient of one of the iftar meals said that, “ I would like to say you thanks for everything you have donated to us! You have been for us when everyone has stayed away. You are helping us in a very critical time that is difficult for us to cover our Ramadan Iftar. You have sacrificed yourselves to assist us seeing as we are facing very difficult time in which every person has go away to protect themselves. You could have stayed at home and followed advice from NHS team to protect you and your family lives, but you didn't do it. You have sacrificed yourselves to help us. We will never forget what you have done for us and you will remain in our heart for the rest of our lives.”

Saiqa Ali (Chair of SWAN) said, ‘Over the past few weeks we have been inundated with requests for support from vulnerable families. It is incumbent upon us as Muslims and aid providers to do whatever we can to help our local community. We hope that we will reach those most in need and make this Ramadan a good one for them.’

Ramadan 2020 is an extraordinary one; due to the lockdown, many Muslims will not be able to attend mosques, have iftar gatherings or congregate with their family and friends. Furthermore, many vulnerable individuals and families have always relied on mosques for hot meals in Ramadan.

Due to Covid19 restrictions, mosques are not open this year and those reliant on mosque iftars are unable to access meals. It is imperative that these individuals and families have access to nutritious and wholesome food during fasting.

Therefore, SWAN, MAC and TKC have collaborated to ensure that no one goes hungry during the month of Ramadan. Preparation of the meals is already underway for serving hot meals to the most vulnerable.

This year, the team intends to increase their reach helping even more people than in previous years. This initiative provides a vital service whilst people observe Ramadan at home and will ensure that the most vulnerable in South London are taken care of during the crisis.

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