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Last Ramadan SWAN provided over 1000 meals every day throughout Ramadan. We ran 2 soup kitchens and a foodbank and provided hundreds of food parcels and iftars internationally.

This year we aim to do the same if not more!!

Our plans are as follows and we need your support to achieve them insha’Allah:

In London supported by our partner TCK:

Iftars and Sahoor packs EVERY DAY from our soup kitchens in:

  1. Thornton Heath Masjid
  2. Croydon Masjid
  3. Refugee Hotel in Clapham (run with TCK)

Also Ramadan food parcels to needy and refugee families from our Foodbanks.

INTERNATIONALLY – working with country partners


Ramadan Food Packs in:

  • Pakistan
  • Gaza
  • Lebanon
  • Afghanistan
  • Yemen
  • Syria

– EID food vouchers and Children’s gifts in Gaza.

– 5000 bread a day throughout Ramadan in Afghanistan and EVERY DAY in the last ten nights.

– 500 Iftar meals in Gaza EVERY DAY during the last 10 nights.


No doubt from today you will all get countless messages on social media and letters through the post asking for your Zakat and Sadaqa from other charities and people. Please consider SWAN for your donations. Our work at SWAN is very transparent. We are led and operated by unpaid volunteers. We only work with international partners who are reputable and on whom we have carried out our due diligence.

We don’t have funds for fancy campaigns. Just the pure intention to help as many people as possible this Ramadan and throughout the year.

Please donate your Sadaqa and Zakat to SWAN this Ramadan.

Join Us We Need Your Help

Select Payment Method
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Donation Total: £50.00