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Fer'ha Essential Aid for Gaza

Feeding breastfeeding mothers, building a hospital and essential aid

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Dear Friends,

I need your help to reach my target to support those suffering in Gaza from starvation and lack of medical aid. The situation is dire, and your support can make a life-saving difference.

**Our urgent projects include:**

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- *Water Tankers*: £5250 will enable us to send clean, safe water to refugee camps in Gaza, where access to this basic necessity is desperately needed.

Women and baby collecting food

- *Support for Breastfeeding Mothers*: Severe shortages mean these families desperately need our help. Many women in Gaza are not only breastfeeding their own children but also orphans. Proper nutrition is essential for these mothers to maintain their milk supply, the most nutritious food for their babies.
  - £2: Clean Drinking Water
  - £15: Hygiene Supplies (sanitary towels and nappies)
  - £20: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  - £70: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for 20 Day
Field hospital

- *Field Hospital in Gaza**: Since October 2023, more than 36,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, and over 70,000 have been injured. Gaza’s health system is on the brink of collapse. In response, SWAN, led by our international coordinator Salam Aldeen and supported by WHO and healthcare professionals in Gaza, has secured premises in Khan Younis to establish a much-needed SWAN FIELD HOSPITAL. This facility is being renovated and will soon provide critical medical services to those in urgent need.

Your donation can make a difference in providing urgent aid to those affected by the crisis. Together, let's stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and ensure they receive the support and assistance they urgently require. Your generosity can make a world of difference.

May Allah accept your donations Ameen
Ferha Syed

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Sends water tankers to refugee camps to provide safe, clean water

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