Southern Women's Aid Network 

We are a dedicated charity providing essential aid to those in need

Our team is made up of all women spearheading change

We provide vital aid to individuals and families in need of financial, material and emotional support.

Together, we can make a difference to those suffering in our communities and internationally. You can help support us by either donating or volunteering your time to truly change the lives of those in need and give them the support they deserve.



You can make a difference to those in need

Since our inception, we’ve worked around the clock to expand our causes and help those who need our help.

Every contribution goes toward making our world a better place, so if you’re looking to contribute a donation or your time, please get in touch today. Making a positive difference has never been so easy.


Provision of Food Parcels

Please note that the food bank is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is not running at Streathem mosque.  However as a response to Covid-19 we are partnering with organisations and are distributing Iftar and Sahoor meals to the those in need and who are vulnerable through our 200 Meals a Day Campaign in association with Tooting Community Kitchen (TKC) and Muslim Association of Croydon.  This Ramadan just £5 a day can provide an essential food package for one person. 

Anyone in need can request a food pack using this form https://forms.gle/NZwq2xPBss28dpMA8

About Our Food Bank

Our food bank initially started In the spring  of 2012 when the Chair of  South London Islamic Centre, asked SWAN to organise and run the food bank during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. We created a policy and procedure to implement the running of the food bank and began collecting donations and advertising the service to our local community.

Over Ramadan 2012, what started out as a trickle of people using the food bank quickly turned into a stream. It became clearly apparent that the need was so great that the service couldn’t stop after Ramadan. Consequently, with the regular support of the

the SWAN committee and dedicated volunteers, the food bank has been running every Tuesday morning since.

2020 will be our ninth Ramadan at the food bank and our database holds over 600 beneficiaries and most of whom collect a parcel on a monthly basis.

The food bank does not receive any formal funding and runs because of the generosity of the local community. Every week we distribute between 25 and 40 parcels a week. 

A food parcel costs approx £20.

In Ramadan we provide bigger parcels which cost approx £25.


We currently distribute 1000 breads to refugees internationally in Moria camp, Lesvos in Greece 3 times a week. We have worked hard during Ramadan to continue to provide bread to refugees in Lesvos during the pandemic. 

SWAN 500

We support people in need and aim to get 500 people to donate £1 towards our vital aid that can change a person’s life.


Through the Foodbank we have distributed over 150kg of Qurbani meat to many families since 2013.

We facilitate the implementation of this hadith, by allowing people to drop donations in 1kg bags to the foodbank. We then hold an extra distribution session at the foodbank to distribute just meat.  Any meat that is left after the distribution is stored in the freezer and distributed in the weekly parcels.


We have been supporting an emergency housing centre which houses up to 1000 people in South London since 2015. We work in partnership with the operations staff at the centre to provide emergency parcels for families when needed.  Often, we receive a call about a particularly desperate family, so we visit the family and take a food parcel. We have encountered victims of domestic violence, homeless families and asylum seekers who have absolutely no belongings or money.

A few of our dedicated volunteers took some parcels to the centre a while ago and met some of the residents. One of our Trustees - Samira baked some cakes and we shared them with the families. The stories we heard are heart-breaking. There is such desperation on our doorsteps and it completely reaffirms why we need to continue the work we do.


Everyone needs a little help

We have been facilitating collections for numerous causes since 2010.

​In response to emergencies SWAN has organised significant collections of aid to:



Middle East



Grenfell Tower Victims

Moria Camp Greece

Northern Greece



Iftar and Sahoor During Ramadan

We have launched our #200MealsADay campaign helping those in need during Ramadan providing over 200 meals a day for iftar. If you would like to donate visit our Launch Good page at https://www.launchgood.com/project/ramadan_200mealsaday_campaign


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

- Vincent van Gogh



London, UK

07864852157 (WhatsApp preferred)


07864852157 (WhatsApp preferred)

London, UK

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